Thursday, June 7, 2012

Not a happy camper

Don't get me wrong, this quitting smoking is no cake walk, there are moments where the devil stands in front of me puffing like Bette Davis. I just chant to myself, 7 grand and the urge leaves fairly soon. Smoking is expensive. I had a dental appointment today and my tooth cleaner was thrilled, and it was not fake, she smokes. I have started bleeding which she says is normal, smoking masks problems. I need more flossing, twice a day instead of once and liberal doses of Listerine. I may have to look into the Water Pik device.

But that is not what is bothering me; I lost my debit card and AMEX. That is really pissing me off. No one has used them and I am fairly certain I tossed them out last week when I was ill. I was doing great until the night before Big Daddy came home. I ordered pizza and a an antipasto salad from the usual place and heartburn ensued. Not a big deal, I tried the Trader Joe's coconut water and ended up with very bad results. It was bad, really bad. The next day BD ate the pizza and suffered too, so I think the food was hinky.  I did not leave the house again for awhile and did not need my cards until today when I went to the dentist. They are nowhere to be found. WTF. And no one has used them.

I went grocery shopping after the dentist and on the way home the freighters were out on lake and water was beautiful. I need to walk down there this weekend and get some photos, maybe the sailing race boats will be out. Elena Ford's big ass boat is in the GPYC marina so I wonder who got that in the divorce settlement?


  1. A work pal has IBS and Crohns and gets by fairly okay on "The Maker's Diet" (?), she says.

    I also sympathize with the loss/misplacement of valuable documents and cards. In one year, I lost my debit card three times and after I had it reissued, found it. Cold comfort now, I know.

    Post pix of the lake, please.

  2. After nearly 20 years I still get the urge to smoke - but it goes away quickly. I can just imagine what you have to go through to get new cards - bummer.