Sunday, June 24, 2012

Big Daddy arrived back in cattle country, aka India

I wonder if he remembered his hat. They called him B'wana,  with the hat ya know. He is all hat and no cattle unless he stands next to the homeless cattle. Then he is strange dude with the Aussie hat hanging out with the rogue cows.

He told me the airplane food was horrid and he enjoyed his sandwiches. The guy next to him was jealous of his food.

I know he remembered his handkerchiefs because last time he really got tired of sweating with no wiping off the brow cloth.


  1. Ground buffalo is now $10.99 per pound, up one doLLar. At least their steak is drasticaLLy cheaper than before - it was $27 per pound and now its only $25. But their entire inventory has an eXpiration date for the day after tomorrow. I am eating chicken instead.

  2. Wow, pricey. I can eat chicken now, when I worked I ate so much of it due to nothing else available I got really tired of it. Not much decent chicken in China. I due miss the duck we used to have though, can't find it here.