Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saint Valentine's Day

Just some random thoughts about Valentine's Day, the day of love-sucking up-begging forgiveness-and for some paying dues. The rest of us just generally don't care unless there is a pressing reason to remember this day.

A few years ago I felt such a need. I told Big Daddy "I expect big, big, excessive Valentine's recognition." BIG-YOU HEAR ME ---BIG. He delivered. It was excessive. It was over the top. It was obscene. I loved it. A beautiful antique garnet necklace, fabulous garnet earrings, red robe-nightgown-slippers, flowers, gourmet dinner, and a card hidden in my smut magazine that I almost did not see. You see I got up from the table without reading the smut collection he had left for me-another gift-and I heard him say, "I got you the Enquirer". I said yes dear, I will read it tomorrow. He said NO, OPEN IT NOW. Well there was my very gushy card. Yes, indeed, he went all out. Just as I asked and that one year it was important to me.

Generally we no longer buy presents for each other on "special occasions". We either buy what we want, sigh over something, or I will hint to Big Daddy that we NEED something I know he wants. That is how it should be. If I see something for someone, something special, I get it and give it to them. Why wait for "special occasions" to make someone happy.

Also, when you gift someone, it should mean something. The price tag does not matter, the thought matters. I collect bohemian garnets, but I can afford it. Might should say could here, as we don't know the future. Anyway, I eat well because Big Daddy loves to cook and Big Daddy wears antique cuff-links because he loves them and I search for them to make him happy when he has a bad day. That is love.

To all my Valentines: Big Daddy, Punkinhead, Gramma, My Mom, Grrdog, BFF(no blog name yet), and all my peeps. Much love and blessings.


  1. Lucky you! I'm trying to get the point across that I'd prefer a cheap but meaningful piece of jewellery to expensive flowers etc. He's just not getting the message. It's been four years now.

  2. Been married 33 years and I'm gonna tell ya, ya gotta train em young. Plan A buy yourself some expensive flowers he would never choose, Calla Lilly, or whatever is expensive over there. Also buy some inexpensive, tulips-whatever is in season and act like flowers are just decor-just act like flowers are like candles and carpet. Everyone does that. Then find and start raving about some antique, collectable jewelry no one else has. You gotta give men an incentive and a mission to be the best. Just think of him as a puppy that needs trained.