Friday, February 20, 2009

I am too tired to post

Finally finished with the unemployment police at 3:30, the dear, dear, angel certified me for payment as I was almost in tears as I simply did not know and could not make the system work. I now know the rules and Fie on everyone that should have explained this to me. Thanks to all my UAW peeps who spent their time and energy and favors helping me.

One of my peeps came in looking like a normal person with hair done and a very sassy top, I almost fell over until she told me she had a reason. Hope it works.

gregory the worm told me we had to have a meeting and kept putting me off all day. I will deal with him Monday. Hope he did not get the "springy shoes". Fuck-head.

Working on plan B as this shit is getting old real fast.

Funny of the day: Helping helpless engineer trying to get the PER parts on line. He is actually running about the plant like he is insane. I was getting dizzy trying to watch him-shouting orders to no one and zig-zag around the line with no contact. Finally an operator says to me "I am going to medical and John Doe will not run the trial". Okay. I tell the engineer. He then starts telling the operators how to run the trial. I said to him, DID YOUR HEAR WHAT I SAID. He said "No, I am deaf". WTF.

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