Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Sun is Shining

In the spring in Michigan when the sun starts shining a metamorphosis is always unexpected. We forget that people have been in a semi-conscious state for months and only begin to stir when the sun shines and the temp hits high thirties. People are now rapidly running about doing crazy shit. Going outside in shirt-sleeves like it is 50 degrees. Acting sassy. Acting daring. Pretty much fucking up cuz they don't think shit through. And getting caught being stupid.

Two days ago a guy got caught inside the building smoking, BIG NO NO, he got some time off. Did everyone go back outside when the weather was bearable? Hell, no.

Today the Head Dude texted me 2 times on my personal phone which cost me 40 cents. Ya know, I am not going into the poorhouse for 40 cents but have some respect for a new cell-phone policy by my company. I gave you the new phone number in January and told you I am no longer re-paid for expenses on the old number. PAY ATTENTION and do your job, I am already paying for your stupid shit with Obama using my tax dollars to pay your salary.

Today, let us just call him "ZC with an ego problem" wrote me up for a defective part. Then he and his Area Manager hid the part for 6 hours. Tried to ambush my ass in CSA. Well guess what asshole, what comes around goes around and everyone in that plant that counts knows what you did. And this will look really bad tomorrow. Fie on you.

Funny of the day, I have this huge iceberg hanging on my left wiper blade. This iceberg is big enough to take down the Titanic. I can't get this thing off without breaking the wiper. It is 40 degrees F. WTF.

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