Saturday, February 7, 2009

It is warm now.

There is still snow and ice but you can go outside and not freeze. It must be 32 degrees here.

Went out to get my toes done and enjoy the balmy breezes. Toes look great and the toe lady had a lot of great purses on display but I could not, I repeat could not look. She has the best purses and accessories and they are at a great price. But I am on the austerity program until Obama fixes the world economy and we can all spend money again. Fox news is saying the economic downturn is now a bullshit stance to keep the money from flowing so the democrats can save us and give us free cheese. Fuck free cheese I want Nancy Pelosi's pearls and I want to see her tax returns.

I hounded Big Daddy to start a blog on cooking, eating, and showing pictures of how real people eat. This would be us. Big Daddy doesn't like our joined blogs and is threatening to secede. Fie on you Big Daddy. And the dirty rice better be good.

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