Sunday, February 1, 2009

Good News and Bad News

Good news, Grrdog and I got our hair done on Saturday. Now we can use our lay-off time to seek jobs as extras in our new booming film economy.

Bad news, Big Daddy did not get a number 1 so his head is still fuzzy, also stuffy as he has a bad cold. There is nothing worse than Big Daddy when he is not feeling well. He makes illness liken to an invasion from the hounds of hell. Actually for him it wasn't too bad. And I must say he doesn't have a lot of experience as he never seems to get sick.

Good news, my pedicure lady is fine and still doing toes. I am so happy. So are my toes.

Bad news, I had to cook yesterday. Made the stand-by meatloaf, smashed potatoes and sauteed spinach. Meatloaf was good-not great, spinach-pretty good (saved by truffle oil), potatoes were mediocre. Edible but kinda soupy.

Good news, Big Daddy ate it without complaint. And he has leftover meatloaf for a few days.

Bad news, I miss my Punkin Head really bad. Haven't seen him in a long time and he doesn't call enough for mommy. Young man at the hair salon was embarrassed yesterday when his mommy (who dropped him off) did not write the right amount on the check. So the hairdresser had to point this out to the young man in front of everyone. WTF, the kid had no response-and why should he, his stupid mother set this up-and the hairdresser made us all uncomfortable. Why would this kid want to get his hair cut in a hoity-toity salon where he is treated like a leper. Fie an his mom. Made me want to cry. And made me miss my Punkin even more.

Good news, the NY Times agrees with me that Ford, Gm and the three headed dog should just quit selling cars and trucks in California. Didn't think anyone would agree with me. Let them eat cake in their Bentleys. Which of course are not subject to the regulations (along with newcomers to the car manufacturing arena) because they sell so few vehicles. So sitting in the traffic jams in LA in a Bentley uses less gas than in a Ford Focus?

Bad news, did really, really poorly on the NYT crossword puzzles this week. Feel like a doofus. I am trying to blame this on giving up the Trader Joe's "Just for women" bars as they contain soy and I think they were giving me problems. Really I just feel "not too smart". Bummer. Although I am experiencing the mind blanks that occurred when I first went off estrogen therapy. Should pass, I hope.

Blessings, I have a job, unemployment insurance, a home, heat, water, Big Daddy, Grrdog, and my much loved and adored Punkin Head. There is nothing funny today.

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