Monday, February 9, 2009

January Thaw in February

I can see the grass, the dirt, the mud and birds in my fountain. It is a miracle-a foot of snow almost melted. Grrdog can do the poop walk in grass. Life is good.

Plant Loco went back to work today and it looks like maybe we can run for a few weeks. That would be good. Orders are coming in and Plant Loco bought a new chain to run the line. Life is good.

I have a dental appointment tomorrow which I hate-however I have Valium and a dentist that has Nitrous oxcide-life is good.

There has been no foolishness today and Captain Scully got a key to the city from New York for his marvelous skills in setting that plane down in the Hudson. Life is Good and it is indeed a very good day.

My hair frizzed up though.

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