Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Annual Performance Reviews

I went slightly ballistic yesterday when I saw my review. OK, I went off the charts. I hate these reviews. I do not take criticism well, especially when it is in the attack format. My boss is not like that and he is good boss. I am the victim of the previous asshole bosses and a dysfunctional family. Aren't we all.

However, I am still taking exception to the "C" in safety. As my boss pointed out these are not grades-they are "Outstanding to We should have fired this fuck months ago". It is 5 choices. Meets Expectations is in the middle, which makes it three, which is a "C".

Now let me explain my circumstances. I go to assembly plants in the hood. Guys sell dope on the street on my way to work. Crack whores throw their bodies on my car and wander the middle of the street begging for money. In the summer whores walk around with their tits hanging out looking for customers. The local police park decoy cars inside the fence. The State Police have brought the dogs in for drug enforcement. Plant Loco has had police shoot-outs in the yard and they restrain people trying to steal from the plant to the chain link fence with plastic tie-straps. We also have rats with names. Also mice with names. People have been killed. Cars are stolen on a regular basis, both the employees and the new cars guarded in the ship yard.

So, I have been doing this job for 12 years. I have never been shot, hurt (the one time a manager threw a door trim panel at me he missed), run over a crack whore, slipped, fell on ice, walked into a HiLo, or was reprimanded for not wearing safety glasses. How the fuck do I get a "C". Just where do you go from here to improve your rating.

Funnies of the day; I am making gregory the worm insane-I have him convinced he is plagued by the dogs of hell with his foot pain. He won't go to the doctor and I keep reminding him of buying shoes with "springy heels". Achilles problems on cement floors is nothing to fuck with.

So gregory hobbles down to the line to explain to an operator why she is seeing the same quality problem 3 days after it was reported. The lying little worm tells her it is fixed. She goes off on him like a dog not fed for a week. It was ugly. Then gregory tell her they can't fix it 'cuz the three headed dog can't pay their bills. Well . . .which is it you little bastard did you fix it or not? By the way he asked her about her shoes with "springy heels". WTF.

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