Monday, February 23, 2009

Only 21 Days

This is how I think, in Michigan, (Detroit) after March 15th you can deal with anything. 4 feet of snow only lasts for 48 hours. Ice storm, 12 hours. Assholes, 12 minutes.

Today was again brutal, tomorrow projected to be brutal and then we will warm up to freezing. 32 degrees F. I can hardly wait.

Monica Conyers does not want the new Cobo Hall deal, well Monica go ahead and make this not work. And then I will try to get everyone in Michigan to let Detroit die. Cause guess what. We just don't care anymore and ya'll need to get your own shit together.

Carlita Kilpatrick is very happy in nilly-vanilly tony Texas suburb. Well WTF.

Two-Penny Jenny wants all the money the other Govenors are turning down. Why are they turning this money down- and why does Jenny want it -and the new laws that must be enacted to accept this money? Maybe cause Jenny is out of here and she does not care what chaos she leaves behind. Fie on you Jenny.

I still need to show my new shoes. Maybe next blog.

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