Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm happy now

Don't know what came over me yesterday but I just decided-to heck with all that. Can't go on being depressed and unhappy over all the foolishness I have no control over. Plan B is formed. If this shit gets so bad we are going down the toilet when we get to the last $2500.00 we get in the car and drive south to Florida and at least we will be warm most of the time. In other words, just buck up and be a citizen.

Just spent some time going over old blogs, thank you for the comment from the one non-family member, I need some changes. I use spellcheck and proof-read but mistakes are getting out. Will now either proof-read later or have Big Daddy check for me. This is a common work method I used to employ-I know what I meant to say-does this make sense to you? Always used to have someone else read an important document before publishing and distributing.

I am so excited, my BFF-seriously since high school-called me today and finally saw Grrdog picture on the blog. Forgot to ask her how Cane River reading is coming along. One of the best books I ever read.

Auto news, not much just Debbie Stabenow mouthing off how she is concerned about the Fairness Doctrine so her husband can get the money he needs to pay his hookers. She should be talking about how Michigan's goal of a Don Quixote and the impossible dream economy is going to save her state. His hooker had to go to jail today for not taking her court required drug tests. My question is does hubby have to take STD tests? He got off scot-free for turning on the hooker.

Detroit news, Frazz will no longer be published in the Freep paper edition. Why is this? We have For Better or Worse reruns and no Frazz. I really wonder who is making decisions at the Freep. Their response I received was a one-liner with no warm fuzzy to induce me to stay with the paper on-line. Maybe I am spoiled by There is always something HILARIOUS in the Big Easy paper.

No funny today. Queries of the day, why would anyone go see Art Garfunkel (sorry I just can't let this one go-An Englishman does the NYT crossward puzzle site) Why would Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick pay for a private jet to send her Punkin head to Dallas-and just how much do we pay this woman-Why do women in politics allow their spouses to screw around and embarrass them-see Stabenow, Clinton, Vitter and that NY Governors wife---AND THE BIG FINALE why are hookers worse than johns? Pay to Play should also mean everyone pays the same price.

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