Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

I am really pissed about the Continental flight that crashed in Buffalo , NY. 15 years ago we knew these planes were not good in weather that included icing conditions. That was I believe a crash in Illinois. The NTSB said so. The FAA said "Oh, well". And today more people died. This is bullshit.

Again, can someone tell me why we actually pay these people on the government payroll to make decisions?

Yes just to keep the 13th going Gregory the worm and I are again on a collision course at Plant Loco. He just can't get his shit together and his boss wants me to do his job, (remember I don't work for these people) and after a day of shit from him and a week of watching him act the ass he gives me a clue about his personal life. This man who eats from a vending machine, who eats potato chips-just wait this gets better-works for the THREE HEADED DOG 12 hours + a day, for 8 hour pay, when he gets home he runs for 2 hours and never sees his CHILDREN. WTF.

Cannot go on any longer on the work front I need to switch to the private life.

I went on the Internet last night and ordered some books. And some really great shoes. First money I have spent on myself in 2 and half months. Some guilt-some can't wait to see the shoes. They were on sale for $34.99.

Punkin Head called me, I love that boy, I love Big Daddy too but he is pissing me off. When I am blogging he wants attention. Oh well, got to go now.

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