Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We Set Records Today

It is really very warm for this time of year and we are grateful for the slush, grayness and only a slight icy slip under the pedicured foot.

Bob Lutz is retiring this year and in my opinion he is done with the liberal bullshit that we all need to drive the same car, probably made overseas or in Mexico, that may or may not be offered in two colors. Maybe red and black since they are the easiest to paint. Bob is a great guy with vision and the auto industry has lost another true hero. I heard he saved the Neon but you know not many people aspired to a Neon. It was a starter car. I would love to see the stats on how many Prius owners have another vehicle. Or lease, rent, accept free rides in more upscale vehicles. Would be interesting. I wonder if these are the same people on private planes, you know the energy effective and green sort of people.

Okay finishing it up on Wednesday, Plant Loco is awash in rumors of what will happen next week with the "package" the three headed dog must present to the government. Suppliers are suing or threatening to sue over business practices and the rumor is some are actually giving what is now unprofitable business back to the company. Wonder just how bad this will get.

Funny of the day, Plant Loco adopted a government ordinance for a no smoking policy in the facility a couple of years ago. However the ordinance said smoking facilities must be available outside of the plant. Well, old Loco decided to build a shelter in the one place that flooded on a regular basis. This shelter was not usable during the recent snow accumulations as Plant Loco elected not to plow-even for dock deliveries-and there was a snow drift (Jenny this is the only spot in the inner city with wind, trust me). While Plant Loco had their down week they built a new shelter at the other end of the plant where no one has ever gone out to smoke. Shelter in the front is an ice frozen trap, sheet of ice. People are falling on their asses in the front-no LOL here.

Oh yea, all the 85 seniority people from Delaware are showing up here to take jobs. That is more Michigan people out of jobs. Wonder what Jenny will say.

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