Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stuck here and life goes on

Big Daddy just told me we are stuck here forever. There is no chance for escape in the near future. We must endure cold winters, no jobs, crazy politics, and no hope. No hope you say, why would you feel that way? Well, with nothing else to do I did a little investigation.

Windmills. Yes Jenny says windmills are our future. Well, I found that there is a windmill in Holland, Michigan that is 230 years old. I would tend to think if this was a viable option to coal, natural gas, and nuclear based energy independence they might have built another one. I also found a guy on the Internet that says for $175.00 we can build our own wind-tunnel systems to lower energy costs. Well now, we have Holland who did not jump on this band-wagon and the guy who says we can do this on a weekend for a few bucks. Where is this new industry going? TO OUR BACK YARD BBQ's-charcoal or butane anyone?

Sounds like Plant Loco is up and running next week. Corporate called to ask me if I knew how to find someone they can't find. Just when did I become the psychic of the department. Then a call came from out of the blue (I just adore cliches) to ask directions to a place in my "area". Really it was a call to brag the this person would be replacing me and to chortle about how I would be out of a job soon. I need Plan B.

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