Thursday, February 12, 2009

gregory the worm

Yes I know that you should capitalize first names. gregory does not deserve this honor. He is a worm. Today I spent the entire working hours fending off his accusations that my part is bad. Bad as in how? What portion, dimensions, area, actually offending section of this part do you think is bad you f***ing idiot. Guess what, he can't come up with one. Then he is whining about why no one talks to him and everyone talks to his boss. Maybe cuz you are beyond a jerk.

Next subject, I need a project going forward, this time of year should be next vacation. There will be no vacations in the near future. I think we will garden. That will be our look forward to things happening this year. And finding a restaurant where we are comfortable and happy. Have not been to a restaurant in Detroit (area-Grosse Pointe) for 3 months due to the attitudes and why spend our money on people who do not care if we come back. Fie on you.

Oh, read in the paper bringing a lawsuit of the three headed dog is happening and behind the scenes gossip supports this may be the new spectator sport for the future.

Late breaking news reported on the news-WJR-Nissan just told the three headed dog no more cookies.