Monday, February 2, 2009

I am still sad

However, Big Daddy gave me the funny of the day, I know I am not supposed to start with the funny but it is just too good. I am sitting here grousing about how no one likes my blog, how no one writes back to me, how my mom ignores me and Punkin Head does not call enough-when Big Daddy reminds of how my last effort to bond with my mother ended up. We were all to meet in the Vieux Carre for Christmas.

Me, Big Daddy and Punkin Head are flying ot NOLA with a stop in Memphis. We eat at the BLUE NOTE and head back to the gate in Memphis for the last leg of the flight. Big Daddy says "your mom called". I say she did not. Big Daddy says, "oh ya, listen to the home phone recording." There is my ma screaming "pick up, pick up, I know you are there". Okay, now I know we have a problem. Mom does not know that home phones and cell phones are not somehow connected. We get mom on the cell phone. She announces that she is in New Orleans, (not supposed to be there for 2 hours) will not move from her location, and wants to be picked up. (By the why she is in her own car) I am at the gate in Memphis and ask just where she is. At Denny's. Which Denny's? The one by the airport, next to a hotel. What hotel? "I don't know, the hotel by the airport". Now I don't know about you but in my experience there are a lot of hotels and Denny's by airports. Don't ask me me to tell you about my mother jumping up and down and waving her arms as I dropped off Big Daddy to drive her and gramma to the hotel.

Let us just say this was a lesson in inviting relatives to join you on vacations.

Best part part of this vacation was this was the last time I got to give Grandma Ruby some

entertainment.Love you Gramma