Thursday, June 9, 2011

As promised, the pictures

This is the clay pig.

This is the clay dragon

This is what happens when you drink alcoholic beverages

Big Daddy does not ask for much. He is really low maintenance so when he asks for something I take it seriously. Once, years ago, he told me he needed 2 pair of socks. This struck me as odd so I did some follow up; what kind of socks? Regular was the reply.

During one of our forays into the rabbit warren BD espies this store with clocks. He is enchanted but they are just opening and still unpacking so I pull him away and off we go.  A few weeks ago we found ourselves wandering by this store again and BD looked wistfully inside so here we go. I checked it out and asked BD which clock he liked. He showed me one that was okay so I told him deal on this animal thing and the clock and see what happens. Now the rule is if you want a deal you start with the item you don't care about and then add in or transfer to the item you really want. I had to leave as I am notorious, if I want it I will pay any price. Cannot take me to an antiques store or estate sale.

So I am sitting down the street ordering drinks and looking over the menu at the outdoor cafe when here comes BD with both items. Oh shit. He did get a great price on both of them but WTF am I supposed to do with the cat type thing.  As always when we buy something new we must redo the entire decorating scheme and this place does not really have a scheme, it is a furnished apartment. So now I have an undersized cat thing of some sort on an unattractive and large coffee table. This was my solution, cheap purple glass and some flowers to fill in the space.  We have no idea if we will ever get paid to get anything shipped home so we are careful not to spend much money on what may become throw away items.

This however is a keeper because it makes Big Daddy happy.


  1. Nice! Is the city on fire or is that shit out the window what you have to breathe?

  2. That is very good air quality according to the propaganda department