Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Lincoln Lawyer

Okay, here is the deal. I have never seen a real, legitimate, DVD in China. Never. You can only buy phony ones and they are all over. No seller has better quality than any other seller. Does not matter. So we got the Lincoln Lawyer in one of our recent buys and got around to watching it last night. It started out in Spanish but quickly went to English so we were okay with it. At the end of the movie (Spoiler) the lawyer is in the Lincoln and the two dudes start speaking in Russian. Then the motorcycle guys come up and there is a conversation with the head biker dude and the lawyer. I need to know what they said. Movie stayed in Russian until the credits when it reverted back to Spanish.

If this was not enough the wet market is completely shut down. No place to shop with reliable food that does not cost a fortune. Still don't have the whole story on this one. And there is no place else within walking distance except Tesco and they are pretty dodgy.

And then, the cherry on my cupcake, this guy is trying to get a hold of me about a job and did not realize we are having Internet wars here -- he was not prepared. Then he tried to do something on his cell phone and they shut that off. Said he has never seen it this bad.

Well all I have left for entertainment is the Dragon Boat Festival on Monday. Computer is working well so maybe I can get some new pictures up.  Later.

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