Monday, June 27, 2011

Wally World never fails to amuse

Internet will not allow me to post pictures.

Walked down to the rabbit warren, first time out of the apartment in a week, to test the back problem issue.

Went well.

There were hordes of Chinese in a tent put up by Coca-Cola drinking Coca-Cola and taking videos of a Coca-Cola display. I am starting to wonder if the Coca-Cola formula for China is not a bit different than what is sold in the rest of the world as I have never seen anyone line up for it and go through a tent taking pictures before.

We met our usual asshat at the bar where we buy coffee and he told me he is from Miami. Not even close dude. He could not pronounce Miami. And he is returning to the US to go to school in Boston, BU. That sounded just a bit pretentious. And then he could not pronounce pasta arrabbiata and that was what he was making for dinner. With no peppers,  as he showed us his groceries. Then he said he was really from Ft. Lauderdale. This is why I just think everything here is phoney including the  people. He is from Florida like I am from Texas. Although I do have the blond hair.

As the being out in public was great we went on to Shaanxi Lu and bought 2 orchids which we had potted, a mint plant and a clear glass vase for 17 US dollars. What a deal.

We have movies at home and Big Daddy is making comfort food with leftovers and a snack of smoked salmon and toast points. Comfort food is hash and salad. Punkin Head is checking on my dental appointments and we need to start thinking of a car to buy.


  1. In Vienna the Chinese take pictures of everything including the street signs, the horses and the advertising hoardings - which I am sure are the same as the ones in China. ARe you going to drive in China. Is that a wise thing to do? I am sure you know best but...

  2. Car is for home in Michigan. We turned in last one when the lease was up and I think it is prudent to obtain another while Big Daddy is employed. You never know in this new normal world how long that will last.

  3. You used asshat! Best word ever. I'm following.