Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Random Things

You always want what you can't have, girls with straight hair want curly, short men want to be tall and Chinese men want a slightly overweight blond. Four guys tried to pick me up in the span of 10 minutes while I was standing on the sidewalk waiting for Big Daddy. And yes, they were all scary looking.

Watched a lady (during the 10 minutes) scoot after her dog trying to stick a torn piece of newspaper under his ass as he was trying to take a shit. She was successful.

I think I know why I am gaining weight, I wear flat shoes. All the skinny bitches wear very high heels and wicked platforms. Only the fat girls wear flats. I am thinking I need Laboutins, but I can't walk in them so how does that help with the fat?

Shenzhen is banning, really banning not the previous faux ban, electric bikes as they are dangerous. Hope someone told Fed Ex and DHL.

China is giving tax breaks on electric cars. But since they shut off the electricity on a regular basis you will need a diesel generator to charge up your car.

I saved the best for last.

In order to stop unnecessary Metro (subway for the yanks) trips they are raising the price during peak travel times.  I need to ponder what would necessitate making an unnecessary Metro trip during peak travel times when I hear that is your best shot of getting squished like a bug.

Late breaking news, BD reports he is on site at the job that is way behind on their timing. He is there to find out why. He is walking around with a flashlight. Gotta love it.

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