Thursday, June 23, 2011

The South West Airlines Pilot rant, can you tell I am bored?

My back went out 3 days ago. And Big Daddy is traveling so I am really, really bored.  Reading the Dean Koontz Frankenstein books and I am really not happy with them. But you read what you have. Read a bit and rant a bit. A friend convinced me there were great after talking about them for a year, so I ordered them but they are just not making me happy. I may have read one of his books in the past and ordered these as they are based in New Orleans, my favorite place in the world. Anyway, too little NOLA and too many changing styles with the writing.

All over CNN and my favorite air travel sites everyone is talking about this guy. Since I am not a PC person I listened to his rant and cracked up. He is ranting he can't hook up because the majority of the cabin crew are gay, old, or fat. At no time does it occur to this idiot that maybe he cannot hook up because he has no redeeming features. I do not know why he cannot have sex with women that are not flight attendants, but when you limit your choices  . . .  This reminds me of so many guys, and yes woman too, that draw that line in the sand at "I will only have the best".

I remember a guy I worked with that seriously thought he was going to meet a Supermodel and win her heart with his who knows what. He was hilarious and a lot of women go for a sense of humor. But he turned down normal women for that elusive chance that a Supermodel was going to show up on a night flight from Podunk to BFE. I knew guys that tried and tried with women that just were not ever going to give them a shot. And I knew women who could just never understand why Mr. Impossible either treated them like dogs or dropped them as soon as they delivered the goods.

There are rules people. Under normal circumstances like seeks like. I have seen it a million times. I could, and probably should, teach classes about how to fit in and excel in situations that can be challenging. Hidden clue-seek out not-normal circumstances.

Getting laid in Chicago is not challenging. For anyone. For those that cannot attract partners up to their standards there are discreet services that will fulfill their needs. See the bartender.

Getting ahead in business 101 tips are free today, don't tug on superman's cape, don't spit into the wind, and don't mess around with Jim, I think that is Jim Croce.

And if you want to reach for the stars you need a plan. Ranting on an open microphone for all the world to hear that you can't get anyone to have sex with you is not going to get you a spot as the next Bachelor.

I think he needs to go to "How Not To Be An Asshole" classes with the Weiner Dog.

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