Monday, June 20, 2011

Once again Big Daddy misses the Kodak moment

We took train home from BFE Sunday afternoon. Fountains that never worked were splish splashing in all their glory while the rains came down. Peng Quan, or phonetically Pun Trank, means fountain. New word of the week I will never use again in a sentence. It is so Chinese to turn the fountains on only when it rains.

I made a new friend, Daisy. If you take the business card you are now friends. And she likes reading the books I leave at the hotel. When I travel I always have books and I try to travel only with books I can leave when I am finished reading them. So now BFE is becoming filled with literature picked out by a person who will read a cereal box if I am desperate. We order all the best sellers we can tolerate every few weeks. We order our favorite authors if they write anything new. We order whatever else we think won't make us puke.  China is now filled with everything from James Patterson to Sarah Palin. The only one neither of us can read was the last Tom Clancy and we were really looking forward to it, but it is Clancy on LSD and I just can't read it. South of Broad by Pat Conroy was fabulous.

Anyway, we get on the train and life is good. Until shortly before we arrive in Shanghai. I was kinda thinking about going to the restroom to pee but that is not a pretty sight at the end of the 4 hour train ride. Then I smell this overwhelming odor that smells just like urine. BAD. I asked Big Daddy if he could smell it and he did wrinkle his cute nose. He got up to go stand at the back with his bags as he was tired of sitting and he could not pass down the aisle as there were shrimp and clams laying on the floor of train being sorted and bagged. Yep, right on the floor where people walk with their peepee shoes.

 Is this not a Kodak moment?

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