Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Way We Play Football in the USA

Defense. Plain, simple and downright ugly.

You gotta have the ball. It is easier to keep the ball than to get the ball back.

Well I played ball today with the plumbing and heating guys. And I still have the ball.

First the heating people were prepared, they actually remembered the service call. It seems my chimney liner is an inch or two on the small side. Which makes the furnace a death trap in their heating experience. They did apologize that we might have died in the last year as they never caught this in the last 2 out of 3 inspections.

Second the plumbing company took 2 separate calls as they have names that are quite similar. The plumbers were a bit of a problem. They accused me of yelling at them. When I explained for xxx number of times that I was calling on a cell phone from China they seemed to calm down a bit. They however could never find their paperwork and fobbed me off on a manager with no warning. He was not Mr. Happy to get this call.

One thing they all had in common was wanting to come to my home and review the fiasco.  With a 3 hour window. This is gonna cost me money. Which I explained in a very nice way, if I have to hire someone to sit and wait for you to show up to see if your work is done properly this is an expense to me. Why am I paying someone so that you can check and see if your work was done properly and to code?

We still have no answer on why the city inspector signed off on this and I don't want to go there without a plan.

I have to call Mr. Plumber tomorrow at 9 PM my time to see if he has figured this problem out yet, and he did agree we need to tackle this problem with the least expense and drama to all parties involved.

As I am back in BFE I suppose it would be appropriate to see if Mr. Clay Man has a snake to add to the collection. Snake in the grass?  I am also a bit morose as the Dragon lost one of his hands and I have no glue to fix him.

My back is acting up and I think a massage is order in the morning, wish I had Coach Schembechler here to give me some pointers. RIP Bo.

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  1. Well you may have ball but I think it 3rd down and still 7 to go!