Sunday, June 12, 2011

It is Time for a Rant, Thank you Randy Andy Weiner Dog

And thank you General Honore for gifting us the term "Stuck On Stupid". As we all know how much I love cliches I am in hog heaven with this one. Hillary's "hard dog to keep on the porch", Bill, seems to be the God Parent of this dickwad. And all weiner jokes aside, this asshole puts the cherry on the sundae. He seems to think he is all that and a bag of chips too, not plain, with BBQ. Oh stop me, this is too fucking easy.

Seriously, this ass-wipe is asking for a leave of absence and seeking treatment. Where in the hell do you get treatment for being an asshole. I do not buy into the male bullshit sex addiction claim, nor do I believe in the treatment for such a "Stupid" condition. How come all the men go for treatment and all the women are either whores and sluts or put in prison? "My name is Wee Willie Wanker and I am an asshole". Please.

And just exactly who, or is it whom, can grant "a leave" from the Congress. Isn't that scoundrel elected by his constituents? Are they holding a special "can the sleaze-ball take a time-out" election or is Nancy Pelosi "look at my pearls, not my neck" going to make this decision. I do not understand how this works. If you are elected by the people, to serve the people, how do you get to take time off for "How to not be an Asshole " classes? How long does it take to teach a slimeball not to send pictures of himself  "all puffed up" on the Internet? If you are so stuck on stupid that you did not think you would get caught, well isn't that kinda like getting really low SAT scores and just knowing you are community college material? Do you really need a rejection from Harvard with those scores?

And I know this is a sensitive subject to interject into this post but lets compare it to Gabby Giffords. Did she ask to be shot? No. Was she shot on the job? Yes. Should she get paid medical and Workman's Comp? Yes. Does someone need to be doing her job? Who might that be? If it is not the person elected to that job where is it written who does her job? If no one needs to be doing her job, should we eliminate her job? We are talking about the US government here, not Wall Street.

Just asking because I don't know the answers.

And since I am on a roll,

Why is no one bitching that as soon as Jennifer Granholm got the chance she took a job in California? Not saying she is not smart, just saying she left. Is there a chance the free tuition for residents was part of her decision?

Why is no one telling Maria Shriver it is a family tradition?

Why is so much time, effort and money being spent on Sarah Palin's email and I have seen nothing of interest?

Is the Bachelorette stupid or is she drunk? Did Emily really give her ring back? Is Piers really still on TV? Is Anderson friends with Sanjay Gupta, and if so why are they  not travelling somewhere together, say to Joplin to see the new fungus?

Too many questions and so few answers.


  1. Exactly. There a whole bunch of fuck ups waiting to get into congress to fuck up just as badly as you - get out and let them have them chance. Meanwhile you can go to Wall Street and lose some more of my pension for me thanks a million.

  2. Thanks for the article, I read it and the post and I have to say that this all gets more confusing when you are new to all this, just when I think I understand it all, someone throws in something new.
    I guess I will all click in to place at some stage!