Friday, June 17, 2011

Faux Laila Ali

That would be me.

Right hand hook connecting to the right cheek.

It was not pretty.

Yep, I backhanded a Chinese guy.

Okay, we went on a walk after dinner and all the conference calls and thought maybe a massage would be an excellent end to the day.


The people that run the massage area are not part of the hotel. Who knew as it is in the hotel.  We were attempting to set up a massage when this weirdo interjected himself into the process. When he started rubbing Big Daddies belly that was not a good thing. When he started touching me all bets were off. When he tried to get on the elevator with us, well I was a good person and tried to get the staff to come and save his sorry ass.

They did not respond in a timely manner.

So I belted him.

Have never done that before. I noticed that my knuckles were crying. Hitting people is not as easy as it looks on television.

The staff showed up during the hitting incident and urged us to leave quickly. Up to the next floor.

I now know don't fight like a girl, go for the nose or the testicles. And do it like you mean it.

And you can depend on Big Daddy to miss the Kodak moment. He claims he was trying to get me in the elevator, I think he does not know how to work the iPhone yet.


  1. Rock 'on - remind me not to upset any blondes in Shanghai this summer :)

  2. Can you visit my friend in France for me - but this time do it like you mean it!