Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just Wanna have fun

It is so good I needed it twice. Not really just suck at posting pictures.

Yesterday afternoon Big Daddy had to go to the coffee shop in the hotel to use the WiFi to make a conference call. This is because the Internet in the apartment was not working, again. As he was leaving I gave him a list of complaints for the hotel manager; 1. Why do the ayis keep shorting us towels? 2. When are you going to fix the floor that is getting worse and becoming a safety hazard? 3. Why is the TV on the fritz all the time? 4. Why is the Internet so unreliable? He did his job well.

1. He asked the Head Housekeeper if the ayis could not count to 4. That is the number of towel sets we are supposed to receive. She said she would investigate and get us a towel. What amazed me is she actually tested her quality system and sent a bogey through. Instead of the one towel we were missing the ayi brought two. So yes we have verified they cannot count. We have also verified that the bogey usually gets to the customer which is why most companies quit using that method.

2. I received a phone call from the hotel manager about the floor. I was amazed. We discussed the disintegrating piece of phony wood that is losing veneer every time the ayi beats the shit out of it with the vacuum cleaner. The first time they tore it up I made them call maintenance. Shemp came up and looked it over, pulled off the cracked and loose veneer and then he went and got a can of brown paint. When he finished painting the floor he looked at me and I said no. So he shrugged his shoulders and painted it again. So someone is supposed to come up this morning and stare at the floor with me.

3. The TV cable company is owned by the same people that run the phones. They are having problems and are supposed to be fixing it as we speak. That is the reason we have no TV sometimes, they are fixing it.

4. The Internet. Now that is an interesting story. It seems most of the complaints, recently over 100, are coming from the ex-pat buildings. Apparently they sort us into groups and keep us segregated. And our 2 buildings are the complainers. Now we knew there was nothing he could do about this one but it was funny to witness the hemming and hawing. While BD was registering his complaints one of our new neighbors walked up complaining about the Internet. There are people here trying to do business and cannot connect to their customers and clients. I just want to do the crossword puzzle.

BD had to leave me in charge as he was needed in BFE today. I think he feels confident in my abilities as I handled the flower lady quite well yesterday. He has this system worked out where he calls her and she says jabba, jabba, jabba. Then later the front desk calls and says jabba, jabba. Then you go downstairs and there she is with her flower bike. Well, he called her on the holiday and she sent him a text message in Chinese. Sure enough yesterday around noon I get a call on the apartment phone with jabba, jabba. Thank God I remembered the text message and trudged down to the lobby to find the flower lady parked outside in the rain. Took care of the flower purchase and arranged the flowers. Now keep in mind we buy a lot of flowers. This takes 2 people just to get them upstairs. And I bought sunflowers as they were so cheery. And I think I ruined my Leatherman tool sawing the stems off.


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