Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I need a can of Whoop Ass

Shopping is difficult here so the Whoop Ass is going to present a challenge. And no phony Whoop Ass as when I am finished I expect them to stay on the ground and not come after me ala Night Of The Living Dead.

The list of targets is long and picayune, growing like the Kudzu of my beloved south.

I also will need to order a can for delivery to my home in Michigan, will have to check with Amazon, this can will be needed after my first nap at home.

When Big Daddy first left for China and abandoned me I predicted everything would break and leave me in a shithole of expensive disasters. It happened just that way. There were days there were more repairmen in my home than I had rooms for them to work in.

Punkin Head Skyped me this morning to let me know the well known furnace company did their checks and shut off my main furnace as the work done when installing the hot water tank last year, also done by a well known company, was not to code. So, if I understand this properly, the hot water tank experts, the city inspector, and 2 co-workers of Mr. Furnace fucked up. By putting the wrong size vent into the new chimney liner. Hmmm. Oh and before I forget they shut off the other furnace as it has cracks. Now when you accuse eveyone else of fucking up and doing shit work that means I need another opinion on anything you say. Which is gonna cost me money. Which pisses me off. 

This is shaping up to be a nightmare. First I have to do this all by international cell phone service in the middle of night. And if I have to be there in person it will need to be when I am getting my tooth implant completed. Which that office is on summer vacation during the first of July. And what is really making me angry is that I have to fly home on a crappy 747 with no new Economy Plus seats and no real entertainment gizmo.

Today I am the bug on the windshield.  When I find out who is at fault in the mess I will let everyone know.

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  1. Good luck with that customer satisfaction guaranteed thing!