Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Peruvian Delights

One of those orchids.

Last night we went out to dinner. This was our second dinner at the new place that replaced the old places.

Taxi ride was okay after a few "what language are you speaking" interchanges. Big Daddy's claim that he speaks great taxi is akin to me saying I should be a model for SI as there are people who weigh more than I.

So we get to the place and woofie is not there. The co-owner is there and seats us outdoors as we have the nasty smoking thing going on. First thing they tell us is no "Fop pia" which means no receipt cash only which we knew going in. Great dinner but weird people. The real owner, or the major owner, comes out to meet us. I am assuming because it was slow and we eat early. When you spend most of your life getting up at 4 in the morning it takes it toll on late nights. Think of me as Kelly Ripa on TV, then maybe add on a couple years.

After dinner I ordered an expresso for BD as I had a bottle of wine. We had the wine corked to take home and the major owner guy comes back out to chat about his chef and the love of Peruvian cuisine which I really did not get from the menu. Maybe I am not too bright. Then he starts going on about this Pisco and how it is wonderful. I asked, "like in Pisco cocktails" and the next thing you know I have a chilled glass of Pisco. Now I am very picky about what I drink as I read somewhere that hard liquor will give you wrinkles. As I smoke I cannot double up on the wrinkle thing. And Strivection can only do so much in reversing the aging process.

This swill was like Everclear mixed with hairspray. Who in their right mind would willingly drink this shit straight up? The bus boy. He came over and I montioned and told him to take that glass in back and drink it himself. And he did. Behind the potted plants.

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