Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Fabulous French

Isn't it amazing how one person can change your mind about an entire country? I have seen the light. Not all Frenchies are bad. And there is one or two Aussies and Wankers that seem okay.

Today I had the best hair experience in a long while. I have to say it is better than back home in the land of Wasp Villages AKA Grosse Pointe, which I always pronounced as Grossy Pointee in my mind. First time in Shanghai I did not leave in tears or close to crying.

This miracle of hair care took 4 hours and I tell you I almost lost my mind. That is way too long to have someone fuss over your fucked up hair. But the end results were perfect. Expensive, but perfect. And I am once again the very proud owner of blonde and beautiful tresses.

And I do not have one complaint and regarding hair salons, I am the Queen of Picky.

Le Salon, Yongiia Road 570 near Yueyang Road, Surpass Court Building 3 Telephone (21) 6074 0365

Anna did my hair and she is a dream and her and I think it is her husband?s staff is great. Whole bill for this color fix and blow dry was 2100 quai. Also had a mani and a pedi while I was sitting there for 300 quai and it was good, and very nice nail tech.

Probably should not tell everyone this but really no one reads my Blog and they were great. Just so you know I did the nasty American thing and tipped.

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