Monday, June 6, 2011

It stands to reason

Went out yesterday to do some chores; drop off books, get some coffee, get some new DVDs, and yep once again I was foiled by the Lords of the DVDs. I checked with Mr. Woody and he said yes, yes, yes English. Nope, nope, nope Spanish. Although listening to Sean Connery speaking Russian in Spanish did make me laugh. For a second.

They are renovating the wet market and I am supposed to shop in this alley until it is finished. I have felt going into the alleys was rather disrespectful but I am told this is common practice and get over it.

Also the old men on the sidewalks are not playing poker, it is some game that sounds more like pinochle and they won't care if I watch.

This guy gave me a new lead on possible contract work, might be worthwhile as he is in Shanghai and prolly has Internet. I however do not have a China Internet address and don't quite know how to do that.

Well, I need to go find the alley, so later.


  1. Your posts make me glad that I am white, live in Europe and have money. However on the off-chance that we may be posted to China I have now surveyed and marked all hanging points in our apartment and bought suitable lengths of rope. Also box cutters in glass boxes have been places around apartment together with German bean sprouts just in case.

  2. Just remember, if you start to hesitate, everything here is cement and granite. And they shut the electricity off frequently with no warning. You will need to bring a diesel generator to run the drill.