Sunday, February 26, 2012

Completely back to normal

Yes, I am now stamping about and bitching and swearing. The true me has returned. I was worried for a minute there and then poof, me.

Things pissing me off:

My dinner sucked. I tried for a rustic potato and sausage dish.

I never said I could cook, but I thought this had possibilities. I started with some onion and garlic, later on I added some Kalamata olives and hot cherry peppers. It just did not work.

I grated some Parmesan to help it out. Too much Parmesan but I  never have worked the grater thing before.

Also pissing me off: every thing is missing. There was no potato peeler. Could not find the grater thing. I am missing almost all of my stuff. This is the new great grater Big Daddy just bought and then he hid it instead of putting it in the proper place.

Of course I brought 8 bags back from China and I also have no clothes. It seems every time I turn around everything I own is missing.  This has been going on for years, missing stuff all the time.

Oh and I looked in the garage, it is a horror story. There was a bike and some odd jumble of things that looked scary. And my pristine jumper cables were on the floor and looked ucky.

I am going to watch the Oscars and root for The Help, and then I will think about all this tomorrow.

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