Friday, February 10, 2012

We are in New Orleans

The flight down was fine, upgraded to first, TSA was on happy pills and the Sky Club had Biscoff. Sky Club told Big Daddy his membership was running out and did he want to renew. He never knew he had one, we use the charge card entry, AMEX.

The room is great, Bulgari in the bath, iced Champagne and fruit and note cards with Big Daddy's name. I cannot drink Champagne, gives me a headache and it was not top drawer. I would have taken a picture but I was brain dead. BD went to the wine store and I went to bed.

He woke me up around 5 and told me I had to go to the Club Room and meet the wackos. Every trip to New Orleans we meet wackos, these are from Houston. New information, Clozopam (I know I misspelled that) can be used for hangovers. And you can also drink like a fish while taking it. As I do not like taking ibuprofen when drinking I was aghast. But it is a typical wacko bit of information. When we left they were fighting amongst themselves so I am sure more entertainment will follow.

Cool and overcast today, probable rain. BD is at an interview and I need to get dressed. I wonder what I packed? I used to spend weeks planning this wardrobe, this time I threw shit I thought might work on the bed and BD packed.

I will find the camera and get some pictures today. Oh and some small bills. I forgot just how pervasive tipping is in the U.S.

Funny of the day: The cab from the airport was named Hindustani I. I asked him to turn on the air-conditioning and he put the front windows (a van) all the way down. When I got my hair out of my mouth and could talk I asked him to roll them up a bit. He rolled his half way up. Asswipe.


  1. Maybe he thought you said "Hair Conditioner" (I giggled enough that I momentarily had to stop drinking my coffee for fear of mishap.)