Monday, February 27, 2012

I overslept

Stayed up too late watching the Academy Awards. The Chinese clock stopped working and every time I looked at it I thought, gosh these guys are really moving this show along. I can stay up for the ending, gosh it isn't even eleven. I was doing stuff in between watching and really did not pay that much attention. I was sorry that The Help did not do better and was amazed at how many of the movies I watched in China on illegal DVDs.

The wind is horrible today and the sun just went dim so I am sure we are in for something. I worry now when it is windy, that huge hunk of tree that fell a few years ago still scares me. The injured possum was scary too. I will never forget that bloody possum face.

I still play a few games on FB and I have somehow gained quite a few foreign friends, it is hilarious to see their posts. If I was as curious as Esby I would be translating so I knew what was going on with these folks.

Big Daddy is okay, was happier until Loosie Goosie showed up and got into with him. Guess he told her he was going to tell the world she did not do her job and she was kinda miffed. For once his kinda boss backed him up and this one is gonna get ugly. She forgets he does not work for China, he works for a country in Europe with real food and wine. And everyone refused to go to dinner with her so she and the supplier had their own whirly bird. BD's Project Manager called him and begged him to come to dinner so he did not have to be alone with Loosie. Guess that in addition to the fact she is an asshole, she also smells pretty bad.

I am enjoying the politics but also getting tired of the robocalls. What I cannot believe are the ads on the media, they are so stupid how can anybody believe any of this shit. I guess there are some that either believe them or can be brainwashed over time, otherwise no one would fear them.

More later.


  1. Ha ha, I should start a translate for fee service. I had one person (a student) from the place I am taking my online HVAC course start semi-stalking me. I guess she didn't understand my polite long version of "no". Bizarre-ness-mess. I was hoping that The Help would win more awards, it was a very powerful movie. I must see Hugo now, I guess. Hope you get more sun soon.

  2. Loosie Goosie sounds like a fun person. Glad she is there and not here.