Monday, February 6, 2012

Jet Lag is bad

I thought I was all fine and dandy. I have not slept since the first hurrah of 11 hours. I am not happy.

Big Daddy's first job interview was strange as hell. I mean really, really strange. It is to continue later today. After all this time and various meetings and conversation, they may want him to fly back for another interview in another state. WTF. I always felt bad if I left and hour early for an interview, how the fuck do you fly in and out from China without using up your vacation on a maybe. And Big Daddy is here now, which this dude knew last week. Also, this would have to be business class, who is gonna pay that kind of money.

There is a "new" job interview at two this afternoon. The other companies have checked and are confirming so I am hopeful the screwy people won't matter.

I had forgotten about the commercials on the television, it appears everyone in the USofA is quite ill and willing to do anything to get better. They take medication with horrible side effects to feel better. And there was this one old guy that was almost in tears because they made a better catheter. He did not insert it but the graphics were enough to give me the willies, something about burrs on the old ones. And apparently all the houses stink as everyone is using an assortment of air fresheners and treatments. Hmmm. At least the toilet paper is not sticking to the behinds anymore, I never did understand all the problems people had with toilet paper.

Okay, I need try to sleep again.


  1. Welcome home! Just give the jet lag some time. You know it'll turn out ok. Thinking good thoughts about BD.