Friday, February 3, 2012

Getting Antsy

All packed except for the last minute items. Big Daddy is out buying batteries for the headphones and trying to arrange for a taxi in the morning. It is dicey for an "off the wall" taxi to have room for all our bags. Some have gasoline and water in the trunk to energize the vehicles, some have their family in there, best to find one that is prepared for the airport haul.

BD is worried Punkin Head will forget us. Punkin Head has never forgotten us, so I think BD is just in his usual craze to get home and get going. He makes me crazy. As I am like a placid lake in the world of peace, I think he should just get a grip. BD does not think Punkin Head can fit our bags in his car. Another trauma.

Oops, bad news, the Congee (Chinese for Congeries; that does not look right either, and I spell checked ) did the teeth sucking grimace and said that getting the big taxi is really, really hard. Would not take a bribe. Also said getting a roller cart to help with the bags was really, really hard. This is not looking good.

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