Friday, February 17, 2012

Its just not right

I am sure he agrees, some things are just not done.

I will post soon on the Carnival festivities but this guy was just begging to be seen. WTF.

Put Big Daddy on the plane this afternoon and karma got him. We had the kids for dinner last night and he made the famous turkey pancetta loaf with spinach and mashed potatoes. He remarked later he should have sent some of the turkey loaf home with Punkin Head as he made enough for the entire neighborhood. He then made himself sandwiches for the flight back to China and forget them, hmm, I have dinner. Punkin Head said to try and freeze what I can't eat, don't know if it will work or not. Big Daddy said Delta is once again doing customer appreciation, the two meals are the same, printed on the menu, the same, you get the same shit twice on one flight. What is wrong with these people.

Today I figured out the channels on cable, problem is I have one television with HD and one without. The Lady brought me a beginners knitting book and some scrap yarn to play with. I also need to read the manual on the car as we cannot open the trunk or work the heater.

BD had a great job interview this week and may be getting an offer Monday or Tuesday. The other offers are in the works. Looks good for him right now, wait and see is the hardest.

Tonight the forcast is light snow and ice, lovely, and tomorrow snow. Glad I am stocked up for now as I am sure I cannot work the defroster on the car.


  1. If your forecast is light snow and ice, does that mean you are in Not New Orleans? I am also in Not New Orleans, probably a slightly different direction and distance though. I was going to say that that was one strange dog, but then decided it was more appropriate to say it was one strange dog owner.

    WordVerification: "appears holdsfu" its what you would say about a bear that can teleport, suddenly arrives and holds your acquaintence named Fu. (The book I read recently titled Eeeee Eee Eeee has a bear that teleports.)

    1. Yes Indeed, back in Grosse Pointe (or the land of the living dead) as I call it, that dog was not a happy camper as he glared at the camera.

      They still do not have an arrest on the murdered woman in Grosse Pointe Park, I am sure things here will remain interesting.