Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dinner At Antoine's

White tie and tails.

There really is a book Dinner At Antoine's by Francis Parkinson Keyes,  partially set in the restaurant. It is a murder mystery.  In those days it was understood that one dressed for dinner. Right next to these Uptown diners was a large group clad in flannel shirts. How times have changed.  We had dinner once in the private 1840's room, decorated with some items from the book (the duck press) and if I can find the pictures I will post some of them. I wore a hat and pearls, it was fun.

We sat in the best area and had Eddie and Alan serving our dinner. One thing I loved, Eddie recorked the wine and put foil around it so I could finish it in the hotel room. Which I never did, but if I had wanted too . .

I forgot to take the picture for a minute or two, so this is after a bite or two, Crab Ravigote, delicious. Big Daddy had a special escargot dish and we both had fish for dinner. Mine was a tad dry, but okay.

Doesn't this dog look like he is saying, "You gotta be kidding me".  The Barkus parade was not as good this year. Every asshat in town brought their own dog as if they thought the dogs wanted to watch the dogs. WTF.

And of course, the guy who did not know when to go home.


  1. It kind of looks like the guy is home, at first glance decorated with crime scene yellow tape, reaLLy wide yellow tape.

    1. I dunno awful early to go to sleep, I would have picked a grate with the heat coming up.

    2. You obviously have better homelessness skills than I do.

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