Monday, February 20, 2012

I forgot how to make the bed

The only thing the Ayis did that helped me out was make the beds, change the towels and take out the trash.

I need to change the sheets. I did strip the bed and then stared at the clean sheets. For some reason I seem to have tons of sheets. I mean more sheets than any one person needs. Why do I own all these sheets and when the hell did I buy them?

Big Daddy has been gone 2 and 1/2 years and the preceding 2 years were shitty for finances, so at some point 5 or 6 years ago I must have decided that sheets were something I needed a shit load of. I am not going to go through the sheets today, just make the bed and finish washing clothes to wear to the hairdresser tomorrow. But at some point I need to organize this shit.

It is funny wandering around the house. The kids did some things I find strange and I am finding things I forgot about in strange places. I wonder how much of my view on this is what has changed in the house or how much I have changed. I know living in China changed my life in many ways, maybe now I am seeing things from the past that I don't have any connection with anymore. There is a corner of the counter in the kitchen that I always put a decorative vignette, it took me a few days to remember why that area looked so strange, then I remembered Easter, I have an Easter vignette. Now I am thinking do I really want to put that shit out and where would I even find it? And I have to put the Thanksgiving away.

Okay, gotta put my rubber gloves back on and get busy.


  1. There's no place like [your] home.
    Repeat ad nauseum.
    (Don't repeat ad nauseum, actually say, "ad nauseum")

  2. When is BD due back? Have you opened the trunk yet?

    1. Waiting on the offers, One should be this week if they can deal with the 30 day notice, and the rest are taking their time. One a southern thing and one a new boss thing. One we hope is not coming.

      Still have to open the trunk with the key fob.