Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Still behind schedule

But on a positive note, the head hunters wanted some info on our home.

On the downside, every time I left here I would stand on the balcony and wonder if I would ever see Shanghai again. Of course those were the times I could actually see anything from the balcony. Find myself looking out today and wondering if I can fit in with the suburbs again. Not that I ever did but I did pretend to fit in.

It is going to be strange to be in our regular house again. We live on a short dead end type street, not much traffic or people about. You really cannot even see much sky as there are so many trees. Grosse Pointe Woods is a named Tree City.

I was thinking today, soon I will have a garbage disposal and a dishwasher and water faucet I can drink from and a counter top with no Shemp footprints. Then I remembered every time I go home I am the Queen of the Broken Shit. Maybe this time the spell will be broken.

I am looking forward to our vacation and warm weather. New Orleans is so much fun and picture worthy now that I am on the photo path. And I am thrilled to be home for the election year. If it is half again as entertaining at home as it is here on CNN, well that is worth a party.

And I do believe this weekend is Super Bowl, hot damn. Who to root for, the Michigan Man or the Manning heir? Hmm. I just hope they don't drink the water in Indy, shit happens to people that drink Indy water, look at the Colts.


  1. I live in a what is a tree part of the world, sad. I will make soup on Sunday to celebrate the Super Bowl. I thought maybe you were moving to New Orleans instead of Mich Again. You will live slightly longer if you don't have to clean up the Chinese air with your lungs.

  2. Nope, not New Orleans, but if we get to move south that would be so blessed and kick ass. If we have to stay in Michigan I will become a pain in the ass to everyone.

    So far, 1 bag over the limit and I have no idea on the weights. Hope Big Daddy's Plat status gets us something, if not RMB to pay.

  3. The decision to leave home is often a fatal one. Thomas Mann said, you cant go home again and after trying it out once, I am on the road once again, this time Mexico. I have been here two years now and getting an urge to move on somewhere new. Not south American which I thought about, but somewhere totally different. I scared myself over Thailand so that is out, I am thus thinking China or perhaps India. There is a disease call Mal D inde that strikes tourists, i.e. people go crazy, take off their cloths and scream running into the street. Honest. But the moment they get home, they return to normal. The shock they say can be pretty bad. Japanese sometimes suffer this when they see the cathedral de Notre Dames in Paris for example.

    1. My MO, and also people of whom I am acquainted, presumes running down the street naked and screaming is not out of the ordinary---it may be too late for me. Mexico has not come through with an offer and South America may still be on the menu. From what I have heard, take China over India, this from a natural born Indian.