Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Safety?

Tom, WTF, a Safety? Watching the Super Bowl, this is great. Now 12 men on the field. WTF. This is getting ugly in the first quarter. 

Just had our first at home dinner and it was fantastic, I had a filet and Big Daddy had a veal chop. Baked potato that tasted like a real potato, real sour cream, kidney bean salad with real mayo and real asparagus. We could not get the pastrami yesterday, it was sold out for Super Bowl. Huh? But we did get some nice corned beef so we had great sandwiches last night. The best thing is having real china and flatware, glasses and cups. And ice cubes readily at hand. The food prices here are around 3x less than China, amazing. 

We only had a few foibles on our way home, first was when we checked in. Delta now allows only 2 checked bags for Plats when the seat is booked in coach. Paid 400 dollars for 2 bags and went to the lounge and called Delta and they were so confused by the new rules they refunded the charges. That was good news, will pay for a couple meals in New Orleans. We landed very, very early and sailed through CBP  so we had to get a taxi home, Punkin Head planned to pick us up 2 1/2 hours later. Our driver was from Pakistan and talked the entire way, he was quite a character only slowing down when he passed the State Police. Did not slow down when passing, got in another lane and said that is way the traffic slowed down as we whizzed by the cops. 

Upon arriving home I opened the door and turned off the alarm system, but it would not turn off. All the buttons stuck down. We had to convince the alarm company we were us, and then make arrangements to retest the system Monday. I think no one living here has made the house very dirty and everything needs a major cleaning. The buttons on the phone stick too. We should have done that rich people thing and covered  every thing with drop cloths.   

Seems like we may not have the bad jet lag this time, we were both so grateful for our fabulous beds, I slept for 11 hours last night, and that was after a nap or two. I woke up a couple times in the morning and just thought "this bed is too wonderful to get up". 

Tomorrow morning BD has the first of his job meetings, this a conference call with a guy he has talked with for about a year or so. This guy is the one who sent an email last week that said, Game On. BD wants me to tell him who wins Super Bowl so he can act like he knows sports, as it seems Game On may be a fan. 

I might post  later on the game and the commercials, so far nothing special.