Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What is up on the Internet and Google and Blogger

If I was in China I would be blaming all this crazy ass shit on Mao, but no right here in the USof A this Internet shit has gone crazzzzy. Can't post a comment on Esby's blog and God knows he needs my help to make coffee. Dude, you buy a European coffee maker that does that steam press thing with regular coffee grounds and a grinder thingy for beans and then you can make coffee by the cup at whatever strength you want. My special coffee maker is broken and waiting to go into the shop. European coffee makers are like the European cars, expensive to maintain. But they make the best coffee ever.

All this computer shit changing is pissing me off. And if I could figure out how to take the stupid ID off my Blog I would, this is getting really stupid.

Punkin Head called me today, I think he is fearful I am about to run down the street naked and screaming. He is probably right, I am getting close. I think my expectations of the new and wonderful jobs would be a done deal by now. Gullible and idealistic.

Now I need think about getting a job, getting a dog or getting into a volunteer situation. Job is dicey in case Big Daddy will need to move, can't risk my reputation in that case. Dog is easier but to make that decision right now, it will definitely be a rescue dog, and some of them just can't take the stress of constant moving. Me and the rescue dog running down the street naked is not a good picture. Volunteering could work for the moment, what could happen there? I could lead the crazees down the street.

This is the big election day here in Michigan and it is turning out crazy. One is asking the Dems to vote for his opponent and the other is robocalling from hell. Newt, I think his hanging back at Somerset Mall in the Tiffany store and who the hell knows where Ron Paul is having dinner.

In the Metro Detroit area, Kwame's dad is saying he will not take a deal from the Feds and rat out his son, the Grosse Pointe lady that was  strangled her case is still  sitting and percolating with no arrests, and they are still killing children a couple times a week in the city.


  1. What?!?!? You can't comment on my blog? BUT I need you!!! Who is behind that nonsense of not letting one of favorite-est buddies not comment, how strange! Well, if you can't comment through normal channels, then just e-mail me and I'll post the comment for you, HAH, that'll show 'em they can't mess with us!

  2. Can you find a temp gig? Or a "contracting" gig? This way you make no commitments and if you have to go elsewhere, too bad, so sad and no hard feelings.

    Don't get involved in volunteer groups. They will either suck you under or make you fight to be the Alpha female. Been there, done that, ran away.