Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just enough snow to make it slippery and not enough to make it pretty.

Well the hairdresser did miracles, color is great, she took 3 inches off my hair and I look like a new person. Then it started to snow, that heavy, wet, hard and fast snow. Fucked up the roads major. I had to brush off the windows when I left the salon. The I slipped and slid to Trader Joes's for grocery items. Then I skidded to Jerry's. It is hard to remember how to drive, drive a new car, and drive in snow at the same time. Anyway  kinda ruined the hairdo, it still looks okay, but not supermodel hair.  After the initial storm there wasn't much except the roads to deal with, too warm yesterday, nothing is really sticking. It is hovering around freezing and supposed to rain this afternoon so it should be icy for the next 24 hours. 

They remembered Punkin Head at Trader Joe's and the compliments were so nice to hear. He and The Lady did a great job there and I think they are truly missed. 

Punkin Head will be finished with school April 26 and is continuing the job search. He has thought about government work and I am advocating at least applying. He is worried about the background checks and I am laughing, if my niece got in for what she wanted, Punkin Head is good to go for Library Science. After 2 Masters let us hope he can find something he is happy with. I have always thought FBI or CIA would be great for him, but he has no love for statistics and those jobs are heavy on the numbers data. 

I've got to say the rubber gloves Big Daddy got me are the best ever. I am not a fan of work gloves and these are great. 

BD is still dealing with the jet lag but he has some jolly Germans and a Brit to keep him entertained. He tipped a U.S. quarter by mistake and the butler was over the moon. We gave our waiter in New Orleans a coin Yuan and he loved it. 

Well, back to scrubbing until it is time to Skype BD when he gets up. 


  1. I think it is s'pposed to make it to 70 today, maybe tomorrow. Growing a headache at the moment. Just placed a huge shoe order for Vibrams, so I am eXcited. Cooper just got a new chew bone a few minutes ago so he is reaLLy eXcited! Time for more pain meds ...

    1. Wow! It seems that the word Verification is far worse on your blog than I have "seen" anywhere else, I don't understand that at all, I figure that all the blogger stuff would be the same. I had to hit the "give me a different one" button three times before I could read it just barely.