Thursday, February 2, 2012

Passing on the last Shemp visit

Last night I am in the tub and using the sprayer to rinse my hair and suddenly, out of the blue, there is no fucking water. First it got cold, then it trickled and then nothing. Big Daddy says, no big deal, just give me a minute to reach out the kitchen window and turn the water heater back on. Yepper, just when I was getting sentimental reality smacked me in the hair.

More good news, kinda freaky too. BD was dreaming he was talking to one of the people he interviewed with, this is the company that cannot hire this quarter. He wakes up, checks his iPhone---and he has an email from this guy. They have approved the budget and he is ready to talk. This was one of the most promising positions.

There has been a nasty murder of a Grosse Pointe woman and the media has gone crazy. People in GP are rarely murdered. The area still has the cachet of old money and private clubs, which of course means everyone just loves to hear the gossip. The woman's husband, who is a person of interest, supposedly has a girlfriend, was buying her a house around the corner from his, rented her the last 2 apartments she lived in, and had a basement that he used for S&M practices. And his mentally challenged "handy man type associate" has confessed and implicated hubby. And people say GP is boring and bland. Oh, and the husband may have hired the attorney who is famous for defending the last whacko murderer in Metro Detroit.

Funniest comment on the GP blogs about the murder, If a gunshot is heard in GP the police will be there in minutes. Umm, I have a target range in my basement. At one time it was certified by the GP police. You know BD had to try it once, and no police showed up.

BD just got home and we have to finish stuffing the luggage. And I need to wash my hair again.

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  1. Someone watched Grosse Pointe Blank one time "two" many.