Friday, February 24, 2012

I missed garbage day

I used to have the crown, Queen of the garbage bags. I had more than anyone on the street. That was my hobby, counting garbage bags. I tried to reduce the number of bags by using cloth bags to shop and crunching more shit up into smaller bundles of garbage. I still always won.

Well now I cannot find any shopping bags and I missed the truck today, so I know I am gonna win next week.

Punkin Head is very sad, his cat is very sick. He has had this cat since college and this cat is a huge, huge cat with attitude. Poor Eliot has been diagnosed with diabetes and is suffering, his glucose is very high and he will not eat. PH is taking him to another vet (first vet recommended as they do not keep animals on site) for an overnight stay and second opinion.

I feel so bad for him. I have put dogs down and it is very hard.

Back to scrubbing.


  1. My dog is getting a little overweight, but he is insistent, and gets spoiled by TWO humans. At least he has a life of eXtreme luxury, but I am trying to cut back on his food amount. I did get him a new basketball yesterday as well and hopefully this one stays inside AND he doesn't destroy it by biting. He uses basketballs as soccer balls. How old is Eliot? Hope he gets better. The wife just woke up and it sounds like she is not feeling good.

  2. Poor Punkin Head. Poor Eliot. It's tough to deal with a diabetic cat who can't get stabilized. I've been there. My sympathies.

    1. Eliot did not make it, he was 14. Punkin Head is very sad. His other cat Noir is going to miss her buddy. I just hope he holds off on trying to replace Eliot until he gets a new job. Moving with a new cat and Noir would be a huge chore. He has not mentioned it, but I would not be surprised.