Saturday, May 4, 2013


Weeping Cherry in front, this is on the downside of blooming.

We had a little snafu last night. The IBS returned with a vengeance. I am starting to think it is partially set off by stress. I have not told you the half of it but I have been under a bit of stress. I am just not sure if it shows up a month later or is like my skin condition and waits a month. But I have the Mt. Etna zit and the IBS at the same time, so who knows. I was up all night and no fun was had at the fair. And I can't go shopping today so that rather fucked up my plans. I checked the Internet to get some control over the shopping and plan on buying a shitload of supplies if I get this job. Say a prayer or think some good thoughts if you are inclined in that direction.

Big Daddy is working in the yard and I must get out there to keep him in line. Sammy Dog is watching him but I have no faith in that match-up.


  1. I had a job "pre-"interview for programming spot. I thought it went weLL. I have known the people on a first name basis for more than a dozen years and have been to their place many times becausevmy neighbor used to be their IT guy many moons ago. So we'll just have to see how things go. My previous commute was seven minutes, and this job is about four. So that makes it easy to take care of Cooper.

    1. Good luck, I am sure Cooper is breathing easier with the shorter commute.