Friday, May 3, 2013

Such a quandary

Volunteer tulips, they look pretty good.

Some of you may recall the summer fat clothes blues from last year. Well it is that time of year again and now I have a new and unusual problem. I have to return for a second interview on this job. It is set up for next Tuesday and the Director of Quality is flying into town to meet me. It is also getting quite warm here. Too warm to wear my interview suit unless it snows again. And that could happen but I can't count on it.

I don't want to buy another interview suit for summer in case I get this job. I do not see any reason I would need this summer outfit. I am thinking of buying what I would be wearing on the job, which is similar to what the guys I interviewed with wore, khaki pants and collared or polo type shirts. I would have no use for these clothes unless I got the job-but if I do get it I am going to need these clothes so I do need to figure out where I can buy them. I am on the short side so I have to find fat short sizes.

If I go to Somerset Mall they have the most stores that may carry these clothes plus I could find my Ecco shoes there. If I bought the shoes and did not wear them I could return them if I don't get the job. They are fairly pricey but when you spend your life walking on cement these things matter. You cannot buy replacement feet.

Big Daddy is coming home today and tomorrow we will go shopping. I need him for his pay, tote and carry abilities. It helps to shorten the process because as a rule I hate shopping for work clothes.


  1. Best of luck with the interview--despite what today's job reports say, it's a tough time to seek a job.

  2. And you still have good job interviewing wishes from me. I like the khaki pants, shirt theme. When my big corporation instituted a dress code I bought a man's suit, white shirts, ties, belt, socks and wing tips. If you can't lick 'em, join 'em with your finger up.

    1. Hilarious, Yea I was thinking they have seen the dressed up so now they can see what I will look like everyday.