Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The weirdest job interview or you gotta be kidding me

Volunteers finished blooming, they are large and quite nice.

OK, so far I have been told how great my interviews are going-by the interviewers. My references are impeccable and the best ever. So, I am asked for a third interview for 4 PM on Tuesday with the guy flying in from the coast. This is quickly changed to 5PM. I drive to Podunk, get their early and scope out the other side of town. Ghost Town. Get to the place about 10 minutes early and notice the parking lot is deserted; it is kinda creepy but answers my question of when do they get off work. I call Big Daddy to let him know I arrived, put on some lipstick, grab my folder and I head in to the building.

Well, this time the front door is open but all the lights are off and the place looks deserted. The little wedge is in place holding the main door open and lights are on in the hallway. I check the phone on the wall and there is no number for reception or a guard. After waiting 10 minutes and then trying the phone that does not work I sit down to wait. Finally this guy walks by and asks if I have an appointment or am I a homeless vagrant just settling in for the night. Kidding. A few minutes later this woman shows up apologizing that the guy I am scheduled to meet is off-site and told no one I was coming. She can't get him on his cell phone, but she sat in on one of his interviews yesterday and felt she could wing it.

She must have apologized a hundred times and 10 minutes later the dude calls her and says he is on his way and will be about 20 minutes or so and I can leave if I want. No offer to reschedule.  At this point I have way to much invested to not eyeball this guy and see just what is up with this shit. The gal was great and I felt we had a great interview.

The dude shows up and after kinda introducing himself he announces he needs the men's room. During the entire interview he never once made eye contact with me, the only eyeballing was my own. He told me I had great references and then asked if I had been there before. An odd way of putting it, but I told him yes, that I had interviewed last week with Larry and Moe. He responded: Oh you met with Curly and Shemp. I said no, Larry and Moe. He said yea, Curly and Shemp. Then the gal says no, she met with Larry and Moe. He answers her, Oh Ok, Moe and Curly. At this point we gave up. There was more nonsense that I will not bore you with.

I saved the best for last, he told me about the long hard hours everyone at this place works. With the parking lot empty at 10 to five, I don't think so. He has many more people to interview this week so I won't hold my breath for the bad news. It is just not meant to be right now.


  1. Unbelievable. But, it happened. Even more unbelievable.

    1. Big Daddy said if he did not know better he would think I made it up.

  2. Replies
    1. I have been spoiled in the past not having to work very hard to get a job, I cannot believe this is how it all works.