Monday, May 27, 2013

Mother of the groom dress

The worst thing ever has happened. The mother of the bride did not go with the custom made dress and she went and bought a dress at Nordstrom. That is where I am going to buy a dress. I kinda have mine picked out online and I am going to buy the dress soon.

What if she bought my dress. I know, you are saying what is the chance of that. Well, here is a story for ya.

Back in the day my grandmother was dating/living with a guy, an old friend of the family. My grandpa died and gramma found a friend who longed to be closer and she agreed. The only problem was, I think he was married. Whatever. Anyway his daughter was getting married and my family was invited and we all had to go as a show of support for grandma. Maybe he was divorced then, or close to it.

My grandma found this dress to wear to the wedding, it was a blue sheath type-floor length number with a chiffon over-lay caftan type thing. It was airy and the caftan thing kind of flowed with impressionist colors of blue and green over white. This was not a wallflower dress.

Guess who wore the same damn dress. Yes, the ex-wife mother of the bride. It was something to behold.


  1. You would not have to worry about me, as I have neVer had that kind of dress.

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