Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Rogue Driver

Punkin Head called and told me he remembered why he hated Philly airport. The airport is filled with every degenerate imaginable. A simple asshat would never hold a candle to an ordinary Philly traveler.

We used to travel there to visit PH when he went to Temple. God, it is was nasty. Trashiest place I have ever been. Even the homeless people are exceptionally cheeky.

I remember landing at the airport and while trying to find baggage there were signs all over the place about not hiring some kind of funky cab drivers, maybe unlicensed, I don't know. Anyway I was in charge of the ride while Big Daddy got the bags and yes I hired Tony, the illegitimate son of Guido who was kin to the Godfather. He had a really nice old Cadillac with mostly working parts.
And he let me sit in the front seat, that is a rule.

About a quarter mile from the airport I started to wonder where he was going to kill us. We made it to the Omni in record time at a safe speed and a reasonable price. And of course I tipped him, 20%.

PH is bringing me home chocolates from the region to try, we are thinking this may be a good substitute for dessert for the rehearsal dinner. It will be on the day every one travels in, Friday, and some of these people have family in tow. We are stuck with a more formal dinner scenario but I thought, with PH, that instead of dessert we would put out good chocolate for each and then people could retire to the wife and kids or with us the bar for an after dinner drink and coffee. What do you think? Is it okay to ditch dessert and let people to get back to their families on a Friday night after travel?

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