Friday, May 10, 2013

Not a good week

The little nook where I sit when Big Daddy BBQ's.

This has been a sucky week. The job things and such.

Then we heard last night that Mr. RV did not make it through surgery. He knew the odds going in and decided the risk was worth it as he had a very poor quality of life. Mom will be back home today.

And if that was not enough my BFF from high school found out this morning she has breast cancer. She had the biopsy on Monday and has an appointment with a surgeon on the 15th. How horrid for her and she lost both her parents when she was younger so not a pretty picture.  Looks like a trip to Florida is in my future.  Good thing I have a ton of Skymiles, if they still let you use them.


  1. It was a damn poor week! You will have a lot to get through and I wish you easier going.

    1. Thanks, yes it is going to be a trial for many reasons.